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TAN Company designs and manufactures equipment for oil-and-fat industry.

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TAN Company was founded in 1994 and during over 25 years of operation has become a market leader in Ukraine and Eastern Europe in the production of equipment for the extraction and processing of vegetable oils.

Currently, TAN produces more than 100 types of high-quality equipment and complex technological lines for almost all processes related to the production and processing of vegetable oils, and our best specialists perform the full range of work necessary to implement your ideas.


Implemented projects

Over the years, we have built dozens of new plants and implemented hundreds of projects for the modernization and reconstruction of existing enterprises in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Iran and other countries in Europe and Asia.

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We guarantee our customers success and prosperity through the stable operation of equipment manufactured at our factory in accordance with the highest quality standards. TAN Company is your reliable partner in production and supply of equipment.
TAN Company – it is always favorable conditions, individual approach and guarantee of quality.


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More than 25 years of experience and more than 200 satisfied customers

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Development of technological lines taking into account the wishes and requirements of each customer

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All manufactured equipment meets European Quality Standards

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Long warranty period (2 years), quality and prompt post-warranty service, as well as a full range of services to implement the idea into the result

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The best equipment for production and processing of vegetable oils

Company TAN is a combination of modern technologies and promising solutions, reliable and high-quality equipment, long-term experience and the trust of regular customers in many countries all over the world, who appreciated all the benefits of working with us.
Company TAN means a reliable cooperation and respectful attitude to each client.

Implemented projects
Satisfied customers
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Equipment for extraction and processing of vegetable oils in Ukraine

Ukraine is the leader in sunflower cultivation in Europe and one of the leaders in the world. Thus, it is not a big surprise that one of the main industries in our country is the production of vegetable oil. To get a high-quality product, you need powerful and high-performance equipment. Such equipment can be supplied by TAN LLC. The company in Ukraine designs and manufactures equipment for oil factories that meets all the international standards. To order it or get a price list with current prices, call the numbers in the header of the site.

Equipment for the production of oil-and-fat products

In order to get a high-quality sunflower oil from the seeds, it should undergoe many technological operations. First, it should be cleaned, ground and divided into fractions. Only after that, the raw material gets to the oil factory itself, where the main processing begins. Depending on the production technology, the material is subjected to cold or hot mechanical pressing or extraction. After that, the oil is purified, then refined and deodorized, cooled and stored. Specialized equipment is used at each stage, which increases processing efficiency and helps to obtain a high-quality product.

What equipment do we produce?

Our company manufactures and sells industrial installations, with which you can start the work of an oil refinery. Including:
  •  cookerss for wet-heat treatment of material;
  • coolers in which the temperature of the cake is normalized;
  • heat exchangers that transfer heat from one heat carrier to another;
  • rotafilm devices for drying the gums remaining after oil degumming;
  • extractors for oil extraction from sunflower seeds or other crops;
  • capacity equipment for storage, transportation, cooling or heating of raw materials;
  • deodorizers, which remove aromatic substances;
  • screw oil presses used for cold or hot mechanical pressing;
  • oil sludge catchers for rough cleaning of the obtained oil;
  • roller mills that continuously grind seed kernels;
  • tank evaporators (toasters) used for wet-heat treatment of meal in the process of oil extraction.
The company manufactures both individual units of equipment and complex lines of pressing, primary purification, extraction, refining and deodorization, winterization, degumming and other operations for oil production.

Advantages of cooperation with “TAN” LLC

“TAN” LLC is a leader in the field of production of equipment for oil and fat industry. During more than 25 years of its operation, the company established its own design and engineering office and built up a powerful production base. This allowed establishing of the production of high-quality equipment for pressing, processing, storage and purification of vegetable oil. Our specialists provide comprehensive support from the development of an idea to the result. Reasons to buy industrial equipment for an oil factory from the company “TAN”:
  • turnkey service;
  • guarantee of the quality of materials and design;
  • compliance with European and international standards;
  • affordable prices.
The company offers cooperation for both newcomers to this field of industry and experienced owners of oil factories in need of modernization. Our specialists will help you choose both individual pieces of equipment and a complex production line. To find out the terms of delivery of equipment to any point of Ukraine or the world, call the numbers in the header of the site.

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