Oil deodorizer

Deodorizer is designed to remove aromatic substances (odorants) of various kinds from oil.

Equipment description

Deodorizer is designed to remove aromatic substances (odorants) of various kinds from oil. Odorants give vegetable oil a specific taste and smell. Also in the deodorizer a significant part of free fatty acids is removed from oil.

The principle of action

Deodorizer is a vertical vessel made of stainless steel, equipped with a bubbling device and ring coils. The oil entering the deodorizer is heated by means of ring coils and indirect steam. When deodorizing vegetable oil, direct steam is fed through the bubbling device. It saturates the oil with the smallest bubbles, then mixes with the vapors of aromatic and flavoring agents and is removed from the device. At the end of the process, the deodorizer is cooled by special coils designed for cooling.

Deodorizer of continuous or batch action (including already working at the plant) can be equipped with a thin-film column. This doubles capacity without increasing steam consumption and the load on the vacuum system.

When the deodorizer is equipped with a thin-film column, the vegetable oil heated to 240-250°C is fed into the distributor on the top of the column and flows down as a thin film on the surface of the packing. Water steam is supplied countercurrently, which after contact with the surface of the oil film is saturated with odorants and free fatty acids, and is removed from the column into the vacuum system. The lower part of the device is designed to stabilize the properties of the oil and its cooling. It has shelves with jumpers and bubbling tubes, through which hot team is supplied into the oil. The number of shelves and the diameter of the apparatus must ensure the estimated time of conditioning of the oil in it. At the very bottom of the deodorizer there are tubular coils to cool the finished product.

Thin-film columns can be supplied both separately and in one case with shelves of conditioning, heating and heat recovery.

Deodorizers can operate in two modes: batch or continuous at deep vacuum and a residual pressure of 0.25 – 0.5 kPa, as well as at the design temperature and bubbling of heated steam.

Also our company produces deodorizing columns of semi-continuous operation, so called Multistock type with fast drain valves. A significant advantage of this type of columns is the ability to work with frequent changes of raw materials without mixing them together.

TAN company produces deodorizers with the capacity from 25 tpd of sunflower oil.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Deodorizers
What is a deodorizer for sunflower oil processing?
A deodorizer is special equipment for removing odor and taste from sunflower oil. This is accomplished by heating the oil to high temperatures and passing it through deodorization stages.
What are the types of deodorizers for sunflower oil processing?
There are several types of deodorizers for sunflower oil processing, including deodorizers with physical and chemical treatment methods. Physical methods include step deodorization, while chemical methods include more complex processes such as steam treatment and hydrogenation.
What are the benefits of using a deodorizer in sunflower oil production?
The use of deodorizer for sunflower oil processing can improve the taste and quality of the oil by removing undesirable odors and tastes. It can improve the competitiveness of the product and meet the needs of consumers.
What are the main parameters to consider when selecting a deodorizer for sunflower oil processing?
When selecting a deodorizer for sunflower oil processing, parameters such as capacity, size and type of equipment, energy consumption, deodorization efficiency, noise level and maintenance should be considered.

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