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Capacity equipment — industrial installations designed for storage, cooling, heating and performing other technological operations during the production and processing of edible oil. It is used in the lines of refining, deodorization, neutralization and hydration, phosphatides drying lines, and oil purification lines. In Ukraine, such technological equipment is produced by the company “TAN”. To buy tanks or find out their preliminary price, call the numbers in the header of the site or send a request by e-mail.

Categories of the capacity equipment

The company “TAN” has been working in Ukraine for over 25 years. During this time, we have highly increased our production capacities, which allows us to manufacture high-quality capacity equipment. The company accepts orders for the production of tanks and vessels made of stainless or carbon steel, including large-sized ones, up to 4.5 meters in diameter.

The “TAN” catalog presents an assortment of standard tanks with the capacity from 100 l to 65 cubic meters, which can be conventionally divided into the following categories:

  • tanks with inner coils, which are designed for maximum heat exchange between two environments;
  • double-walled tanks, the walls of which are made of a double steel shell;
  • tanks s with a steam jacket for heating raw materials;
  • tanks with mixing devices, which are equipped with gear-motors of European production;
  • tanks that are designed to work under vacuum conditions;
  • vessels for long-term storage of oil or other liquids.

The company “TAN” has at its own design-engineering department and a material and technical base that allows designing, manufacturing and installing tanks and vessels, screw oil presses and other devices, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer and the specifics of his factory.

Description of capacity equipment

Tank shells are made of carbon or stainless steel sheet metal, depending on the purpose and application. Their complete set includes hinged covers, hatches and supports, as well as fittings, flanges and nozzles for connecting additional equipment, emptying the container, supplying coolant or refrigerant.

The following parameters are taken into account before ordering the capacity equipment:

  • application (collectors, accumulators, conditioning tanks, separators, etc.);
  • materials (stainless or carbon steel);
  • wall thickness and presence of a steam jacket (heated or unheated);
  • control of electrical equipment and valves (manual, automatic, semi-automatic);
  • working pressure (atmospheric, vacuum).

Depending on the axial position, the capacity equipment can be vertical or horizontal. In the first case, it is a cylindrical vessel with a flat, conical or cylindrical bottom, mounted on legs or with a supports for installation on the floor or ceilings. Horizontal tanks are made in the form of a cylindrical or rectangular vessel. They are installed on legs or a frame.

Characteristics and operating conditions of the equipment 

In the production of capacity equipment, stainless steel or carbon steel is used. Component parts are connected using semi-automatic, automatic or arc welding. Due to such design the equipment can be effectively used for operation under high pressure conditions.

Advantages of tanks and vessels produced by the company “TAN”:

  • resistance to aggressive external and internal environment;
  • high strength;
  • long service life;
  • unpretentiousness in maintenance and disinfection.

Capacity equipment is only a part of production lines for extraction and processing of vegetable oil. They also include a large amount of other equipment that performs its technological operations as part of complex lines. The company “TAN” will help you to design a complex line from idea to result, or to buy separate pieces of equipment, such as cookers, extractors, expanders, etc. To check the manufacturer’s catalog or find out the prices, call the numbers in the header of the site or use the feedback form.

Frequently asked questions about tank equipment for the oil plant
What kind of capacity equipment is used for the oil factories?
A huge variety of capacity equipment is used in the oil producing workshops, including storage tanks for raw materials and finished products, mixers, reactors, oil filtration equipment, and so on.
What materials are used for the production of capacity equipment for the oil workshops?
Capacity equipment for oil workshop can be made of various materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. The choice of material depends on the specific requirements for performance and purpose of use.
How to choose the proper capacity equipment for the oil workshop?
The selection of suitable capacity equipment for oil processing plant depends on several factors, such as production capacity, product type, operating conditions, availability of maintenance and repair, price, etc.
How to maintain and repair capacity equipment for the oil workshop?
Maintenance and repair of capacity equipment for the oil workshop includes preventive maintenance, cleaning and disinfection, replacement of broken parts, lubrication of mechanisms, etc. This allows you to increase the service life of the equipment and improve the quality of products.
What are the advantages of using capacity equipment for the oil workshop
The use of capacity equipment makes it possible to increase the efficiency and quality of production, reduce the cost of processing raw materials and transportation of finished products, as well as reduce the risk of product contamination and ensure its safety.

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