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Oilcake cooler

Description of the equipment

Oilcake coolers are designed to reduce the temperature and humidity of cake granules after mechanical pressing of oil that guarantees their stable storage.

Principle of action

Cooling is performed by means of blowing through the oilcake granules with a huge amount of cold air, which enters the perforated trays through a special spreader and is evenly distributed across the width of the tray. The fine fraction (up to 3 mm) is taken through a sieve of trays. Even loading of the transport element is provided by means of adjusting the speed of the conveyor.

Air for cooling of the product is collected under the perforated trays of the conveyor, passes through the product and through the air duct enters the cyclone, from which it is removed by an exhaust fan.

In oilcake coolers it is possible to regulate the temperature of the product at the outlet, by changing the amount of air passing through the material, using a damper.

Oilcake coolers can be produced in different types, form factors and configurations. Oilcake coolers of our production are horizontal conveyor-type.

The main technical parameters of the oilcake cooler of the brand ОГ-500

Technical parameters

Oilcake cooler of the brand ОГ-500

Capacity, tpd, based on sunflower oilcake, at height of the layer not more 100 mm


Power of the main electric motor, kW


Power of the feeder drive, kW


Temperature of the product before cooling, оС, not more 


Temperature of the product after cooling, оС, not more

15 оС above the room temperature

The length of the conveyor route, m


Conveyor speed, m/min


The weight of the filled device, kg


Dimensions, LхWхH, mm


Frequently asked questions about cake coolers
What is the purpose of an oilcake cooler in sunflower oil production?
The oilcake cooler is used to cool down the oilcake after the sunflower oil pressing process to preserve its quality and prevent spoilage.
What is the capacity of the oilcake cooler?
Capacity of the oilcake cooler depends on the model and can be different from 120 to 500 tons of oilcake per day.
How is the process of oilcake cooling performed?
Cooling of the oilcake is carried out with the help of air, which circulates inside the cooler and removes the heat heated during the oil pressing process.
What is the price of the oilcake cooler?
The price of the oilcake cooler depends on its capacity.

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