Oil deodorizing line

Deodorizing lines are used to clean oil from odorants – substances that affect the taste and smell of the product.

Description of the technological line 

Technological deodorizing lines are used for additional purifying of oil after refining. As a result, odorants – substances that affect the taste and smell of the oil – are removed from the product. We also produce lines for removing other impurities from oil. For example, to remove coloring substances, peroxide compounds and phosphorus-containing substances, you can buy a bleaching (adsorption) line from us.

The lines for deodorizing of edible oils are manufactured and assembled in two variants: 

  • For batch operation;
  • For continuous use.

Our company produces deodorizing lines with a capacity of 30 to 500 tpd.

You can also buy from us primary purification lines of sunflower oil with the capacity of 10 tons per day. We will help you choose equipment for specific production at the favorable prices.

The principle of operation of the vegetable oil deodorizing line

At the beginning of the process, oil from the tank, which is under vacuum, is continuously pumped through the heat exchanger and coils of the lower section of the deodorizer, in which, due to the cooling of the deodorized oil, it is heated up to the temperature of 190-205°C.

The heated oil enters the tank of final heating where it is heated to the temperature of 230-245°C by high-pressure steam under vacuum with hot steam bubbling to remove the most volatile components and intensify heat exchange. High-pressure steam is generated in a closed-loop steam generator.

The heated oil enters the thin film section of the deodorizer. Due to the developed mass exchange surface created by a special packing, the oil in form of thin film contacts with steam, that highly intensifies the separation of fatty acids and other undesirable components and minimizes steam consumption.

After the thin film section, the oil successively passes through two deodorizer conditioning sections, where it is exposed to hot steam, high temperature and deep vacuum.

Deodorized oil in the lower section of the deodorizer is cooled due to the heating of the incoming oil at constant bubbling of hot steam. From the deodorizer, oil is pumped by a hermetic pump through 2 heat exchangers, in which it is cooled by incoming oil. Then deodorized oil is cooled in a heat exchanger with circulating water. The cooled oil is pumped through one of the police filters and pumped off for storage.

The vacuum system is a four-stage vapor steam ejector unit with two mixing condensers. Barometric water is collected in a barometric well, from where it is pumped through one of 2 heat exchangers, in which it is cooled by circulating water from cooling towers. Cooled barometric water is again supplied to the condensers of steam ejector units.

To reduce contamination of the vacuum system and barometric well, steam from the deodorizer enters the scrubber, where it is irrigated with cooled deodorization distillate to condense fatty acids. Fatty acids settle down. From the scrubber, fatty acids are pumped by a pump through a heat exchanger, where they are cooled by water. Fatty acids circulate along the circuit scrubber – pump – heat exchanger – scrubber, and their excess is periodically removed into the storage tank.

In our company, you can buy sunflower oil deodorization, refining, and winterization lines. You can find out more detailed information about technological features of the equipment, as well as prices and availability, by calling the phone numbers indicated in the header of the site, or by using the feedback form.

Technological line equipment

Frequently Asked Questions about oil deodorization lines
What is a sunflower oil deodorizing line?
Sunflower oil deodorizing line is a production equipment that is used to remove odor and taste from sunflower oil.
What is the process of deodorizing sunflower oil?
The process of deodorization of sunflower oil is carried out by means of high-temperature steam treatment. It removes undesired odors and flavors from the oil that can affect the quality and taste of the finish product.
What benefits can sunflower oil deodorizing line offer?
Sunflower oil deodorizing line allows you to get a cleaner and more harmless oil, which has improved taste and longer shelf life. Thanks to the deodorization process, the oil retains its beneficial properties and becomes an ideal ingredient for various dishes and confectionery products.

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