Launching of an oil refining and deodorization plant 

TAN provides comprehensive services for the launch of oil processing plants. We do not just sell equipment and production lines, but also carry out their commissioning at oil production plants of our customers. In February 2023, our specialists carried out commissioning works at the plant of PAC Garant-2005 LLC in Velykobahachansky district, Poltava region.

Client’s goal

The main goal of the client was to switch to the production of high-quality refined sunflower oil from raw materials of domestic origin. The company’s management decided to launch the production of refined oil that meets state requirements and customer preferences. The secondary goal is to sell by-products of vegetable oil refining (soapstock, phosphatide concentrate). 

Launching of an oil refining and deodorization plant 

What has been implemented?

To solve the client’s challenges, we installed a refining and deodorization line with a capacity of 200 tons per day. The equipment of our production was used, and the installation and commissioning was carried out by our employees. To obtain a high-quality product, it was decided to install equipment for 5 oil purification areas:

  • water degumming;
  • neutralization;
  • bleaching;
  • winterization;
  • deodorization.

The refining process begins with water degumming and neutralization, the main purpose of which is to purify sunflower oil from phosphorus-containing substances and other hydrophilic impurities, neutralize free fatty acids, and wash the soap out of the oil and form soapstock. The by-product of these two stages is a phosphatide emulsion, which can be further processed to produce phosphatide concentrate and soapstock, which is used in soap making. 

A bleaching line was installed at the client’s plant. At this stage, pigments are removed from the oil. The crude oil has a deep yellow with red color. After bleaching, it acquires the required light yellow tint. During the bleaching process, citric acid is added to remove soap residues. 

A sunflower oil winterization line was also installed to remove waxy substances. During freezing, these substances crystallize and are subsequently removed from the oil in a filter. 

The last link in the workshop is the oil deodorization line. At this stage, odorants – substances that affect the taste and odor of oil– are removed from the composition. 

During the commissioning, all of the above mentioned lines were set up and launched. 

Launching of an oil refining and deodorization plant 

Control of product quality and automation 

A comprehensive automated control system was implemented to automate the oil refining process. The control panels include computer hardware with licensed software, a programmable controller, signal converters, and a low-voltage automation device. The following parameters are evaluated to determine the quality of oil that has undergone the refining process

  • acid number;
  • peroxide number;
  • anisidine number;
  • iodine number;
  • oleic acid content;
  • moisture content;
  • phosphorus-containing substances rate;
  • color;
  • viscosity;
  • oxidative stability;
  • flash point.

DSTU and ISO standards are used to assess the quality of the oil. Vegetable oil produced at the “PAC Garant-2005” plant using TAN equipment meets high quality standards and the requirements of DSTU 4492:2005. 

Launching of an oil refining and deodorization plant 


TAN LLC performs installation and commissioning at oil processing plants. We can install automation and quality control systems, develop technical documentation. Installation and commissioning are carried out in accordance with the client’s goals.