Technology of Sunflower Oil Production

The demand for sunflower oil in the market is constantly growing despite high competition. Achieving high product quality is possible through proper raw material processing, storage, and the conditions in which the material was kept before pressing. However, it is also necessary to select equipment that corresponds to the technology of refined sunflower oil production, a task that poses challenges for many entrepreneurs.

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Methods and Production of Sunflower Oil

How is vegetable oil made? The final product is obtained using cleaned and ground sunflower seeds. There are two common methods of oil production: pressing and the more profitable extraction method.

How is vegetable oil produced using industrial methods:

  • Extraction of the product by hot pressing. The seed mass is heated to the required temperature and then pressed.
  • Cold processing. The technology of cold oil pressing is used without heating the raw material. Due to the cold pressing technology, the resulting product retains a higher content of beneficial substances. Cold-pressed oil production is used for various industrial needs. The technology of cold pressing is constantly being improved, offering more efficient methods.
  • Extraction method. In this case, a processing oil production line is used. The processing involves the use of extraction solvents that easily separate oil particles. This is followed by the evaporation process, resulting in a purified product.

The process involves using extraction solvents that easily separate oil particles, followed by the evaporation process to obtain the purified product. The production of refined oil includes several main stages, starting with cleaning sunflower seeds from contaminants. The presence of foreign impurities should not exceed 1%. The procedure for removing foreign particles from seeds is carried out using separators.

Preparation for Refining

What is refined sunflower oil made from? High oil content sunflower seeds are used for its production. Maximum oil content can be achieved by exploiting high-grade sunflower varieties, creating ideal growing and storage conditions.

Products that have undergone certain refining stages are available on store shelves. The result is odorless and tasteless oil. To establish the production of such products, a refined oil production line is needed. On this equipment, the oil is pressed from processed seed kernels in a screw press.

The technology of refined vegetable oil production allows for a product with a longer shelf life. The oil is then bottled. Plastic bottles of 0.85-1 liters are in high demand.